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Blood Type Test (ABO Grouping and Rh Type)

This Blood Type Test, also known as an ABO grouping and RH type test, determines your blood type (A, B, AB, or O) and whether you are positive or negative.

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Blood draw
  1. This Blood Type Test, also known as an ABO grouping and RH type test, determines your blood type (A, B, AB, or O) and whether you are positive or negative. Though made of the same elements, blood types are very different. Knowing your blood type can be useful should you choose to donate and potentially life-saving should you ever require a transfusion.

The Blood Type Test determines the four major blood groups:

  1. Group A: Has only A antigen on red cells and B antibody in plasma (can donate to those in groups A and AB)
  2. Group B: Has only B antigen on red cells and A antibody in plasma (can donate to those in groups B and AB)
  3. Group AB: Has A and B antigens on red cells and neither in plasma (can donate to those in AB group but can receive from all groups)
  4. Group O: Has A and B antigens in plasma but not on red cells (can donate to anyone but can only receive from Group O)

How Does Our Blood Type Test work?

It is a question that may come up as part of a conversation, or it is something you may wonder about but not have the answer to. Your blood type is unique to you, and knowing what your blood type is can be beneficial if you are receiving life-saving medical treatment and also to know whether you may be able to help others, such as family and friends that may be facing health challenges.

The blood type test at priority lab testing is a quick test with no preparation needed. Purchase your blood type test online and find the nearest location to visit for your blood draw. In minutes after your arrival at our testing site, a qualified member of our team will be able to draw a painless and small blood sample to send for in-depth evaluation. After a period of 24-72 hours, you will receive the results of the blood type test with your ABO grouping and Rh type.

How to Interpret Your Blood Type Test Results?

There is no in-depth interpretation or guesswork in reading a blood type test. The results you receive will be straightforward and easy to understand. When you open your results, you will find two test groupings, one labeled ABO Group and another RH Type.

Your ABO Group is your blood type and will show whether you are O, A, B, or AB.

Following your ABO group is your RH type. The positive or negative in a blood type description will indicate whether a person tests positive for or negative for the Rh factor. Your Rh type will appear as negative or positive on your results page.

Blood Type Test versus Basic Health Panel

While your blood type is essential for emergency medical reasons and may even indicate your predisposition to some medical conditions, a blood test type will only reveal your ABO grouping and Rh factor. Suppose you are looking for a basic overview of your health. In that case, you may want to consider our Basic Health Panel, which will analyze your blood sample for a comprehensive metabolic panel, your A1c, and your lipids and Cholesterol levels.


  • Rh factor stands for Rhesus factor. It is a particular protein found in red blood cells in most of the human population. Most of the population is Rh positive. However, a portion of the population does not have this protein in their blood. This can create problems in certain medical situations.

  • Your Rh factor1 does not necessarily affect your health. Still, it can put you at risk of complications such as rejection in instances where a blood transfusion or transplant should become necessary to treat you in the future.

    One of the most common scenarios where being Rh negative can lead to complications is during a pregnancy. A mother’s Rh factor and that of her baby are potentially incompatible when a mother is Rh negative, which can lead to potentially dangerous outcomes for the baby if the mother’s body creates antibodies to reject the developing baby.

  • The notion that knowledge is power applies to your health as well. Knowing what your blood type is can help you communicate that information in the case of an emergency to your medical providers. Although a doctor or medical facility will always confirm your blood type through testing in a medical emergency before any procedures are performed, it can help them make preparations ahead of time if you are informed of your blood type beforehand.

    Also, by having the knowledge of your blood type and Rh factor, you may be able to help someone in need through your blood donation if compatible. When people undergo blood transfusions or organ donations, doctors will look for a compatible match to increase the chance of a successful procedure and reduce the risk of rejection or complication.

  • Many people do not know their blood type. Most medical providers will not test for blood type unless asked, as it has little to no bearing on your everyday health. If you want to know your blood type without the hassle of having to go to the doctor, a blood type test through Priority Lab Testing is a fast and easy solution.

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