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Order laboratory testing online, visit a lab near you, and get your results online in days; no insurance is required. Just your health, on your terms.

How It Works

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    Browse from hundreds of lab tests and select the ones you want.

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    Visit a lab near you at your convenience; no appointment time is necessary.

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    Physician-reviewed lab results are available online within 24-72 hours.

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Why Choose Priority Lab Testing?


With Priority Lab Testing, you can get tested and have your results typically within 24-72 hours. Save yourself the time you’d spend waiting weeks for an appointment with a doctor or a specialist.


By eliminating the lab costs associated with doctor and specialist visits, testing with Priority Lab Testing is more affordable and clear. Unlike a doctor’s office, you won’t incur hidden fees or additional costs with our laboratory testing services.


Our lab testing process couldn’t be easier. Browse hundreds of laboratory tests and panels online, select only the tests you want, locate the lab nearest you, and stop in at your convenience.


Priority Lab Testing is HIPAA compliant, and our site and testing process are secure. We protect your privacy every step of the way, and we allow you to take your private health information and results into your own hands.