Testosterone Testing Panels and Tests

Testosterone Test Panels

  • Popular panel

    Testosterone Maintenance/Therapy (4 Tests)

    This Testosterone Maintenance/Therapy Panel is designed to monitor blood components that can be affected during testosterone replacement therapy or other testosterone boosting measures.

Testosterone Tests

  • Popular Test

    Testosterone Test, Free and Total

    This Testosterone Test evaluates levels of free and total testosterone (SHBG-bound testosterone and albumin-bound testosterone) providing measurable levels of each.
  • Total Testosterone Test

    This Total Testosterone Test measures the amount of total testosterone (free testosterone, SHBG-bound, and albumin-bound) in the blood, giving you a combined measure of all three.

Testosterone Testing Information

Testosterone testing can help identify abnormal testosterone levels that may be influencing your everyday life. Testosterone plays an important role in many everyday processes such as sexual development, bone health and tissue repair.1 However, factors such as medication, injury, age or underlying conditions can cause these levels to fluctuate, leading to unpleasant symptoms.

Take Control of Your Health

Since testosterone is among one of the most influential hormones, sometimes a testosterone test is required to identify imbalances. Both men and women depend on this hormone for a healthy and balanced endocrine system. If the body creates too much or too little testosterone, both mental and physical well-being can be negatively affected. For this reason, it’s important to test your testosterone levels if any symptoms manifest.

Signs You Need Testosterone Testing

A hormonal imbalance will affect people differently depending on the severity and the type of hormone. Common symptoms of abnormal testosterone levels may include:

While there are many symptoms that can suggest low or high testosterone levels, the best way to reach a definitive diagnosis is through testosterone testing. Our labs offer both free and total testosterone test options to ensure you get the results needed for treatment.

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