Our Editorial Process

At Priority Lab Testing, it’s our goal to provide easily available and convenient health testing to

adults of every background and lifestyle. We’re committed to making the knowledge and ownership of vital health metrics accessible to everyone, allowing them to live healthier lives by being aware of the specifics of their body.

We want to empower you to make the best, most informed decisions about your health. To that end, we’ve also made it our mission to provide unique, factual and accessible information through the articles on our blog. On this page, you’ll find a review of our editorial process and the principles that guide every piece of content we produce.

Our Goals

Our editorial team relies on scientific facts and data to write educational content, and our medical review team verifies all the content produced by our editorial team. It’s our goal to provide content that is factual, useful and unbiased.

Our Values

We aim to provide editorial content that:

  • Empowers: helping readers take ownership and control of their health metrics through fast, convenient and accessible testing and information.
  • Educates: giving our readers the information they need to know and opportunities to learn more.
  • Guides: communicating in a friendly and helpful way that helps customers and readers find the information they’re looking for.
  • Clarifies: helping readers understand concepts by writing in clear, accessible language.
  • Befriends: talking to our readers in a tone that is friendly, warm and approachable.
  • Adapts: writing in a manner that suits the situation or content.
  • Includes: our content should support racial, gender and sexual equality wherever possible.

Content We Create

We understand that the web is full of complex content that can be hard to navigate and understand, particularly when it comes to health and medicine spaces. That’s why we offer content that is:

  • Easy to scan
  • Concise
  • Up to date
  • Based in fact, not opinion
  • Visually interactive
  • Inclusive

It’s our goal to introduce scientific and medical jargon or technical names for accuracy, but to explain each term and meaning in clear language. Any factual claims made in our content, particularly about data, must cite a reputable, relevant and timely source.

Topics We Cover

Our content covers various topics that are relevant to the testing we provide and general health information, including but not limited to:

  • Wellness
  • Allergies
  • STDs
  • Blood testing
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle

Our Commitment to Integrity

With the amount of health information (and misinformation) available on the internet, we feel it’s paramount to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our content and the messages it sends. That’s why we carefully vet each source we use and have our medical review team vet the content we produce.

Scientific Ideas Made Simple

We want our content to be accessible, and we strive to strike a balance between including correct scientific information and terms and using clear, simple writing. Our editorial team has experience writing content not just for this website, but other brands in the healthcare space. As a result, they’re well versed in not only the subject matter but the process of helping readers understand and digest complex scientific information in a way that benefits them.

Clearly Annotated Sources

To make sure we’re providing accurate information, we always cite our sources, especially as they relate to specific data and research. We do this to not only illustrate that our content is based in fact, but also provide readers with additional context and information, should they be interested in seeking it out. We also want to show, and take care to make sure, that we rely on this factual, unbiased information backed by reputable and trustworthy sources.

If you’re reading a Priority Lab Testing article and want to check our sources for yourself, you can always find them either linked in the article text and/or at the bottom of each article.

Medically Reviewed Topics

As mentioned above, all the content we produce is reviewed by our dedicated medical review team. Our medical review team is composed of healthcare providers who are not only knowledgeable in their field but also specialize in medical writing. This team helps guide our writers and reviews every piece of content we produce. You can always see whether or not a piece of content has been reviewed and approved by looking at the review badge on each Priority Lab Testing article.

To learn more about our medical review team, visit our medical team page.

Have Questions or Feedback?

Ultimately, every step in our editorial process is designed to best serve our readers—that means you. If you ever have any questions or feedback regarding our content, please reach out to our team via our contact page.