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Manganese Blood Test

This Manganese Blood Test evaluates the amount of manganese in the body by way of an accurate blood test.

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Blood draw

This Manganese Blood Test evaluates the amount of manganese in the body by way of an accurate blood test. Manganese is essential in forming connective tissue and sex hormones and plays key roles in maintaining bone health and nervous system functions. Although excessive levels (by way of environments or manganese-rich products) of manganese can be dangerous and lead to fevers, cramps, nausea, and changes in mood/attitude. Likewise, low levels can affect metabolism and glucose tolerance. Establish your manganese levels with the help of this convenient Manganese Blood Test.

How the Manganese Blood Test Works

If you have symptoms of low manganese, finding out what your levels really look like is simple. First, add the Manganese Blood Test to your cart and check out with it. Then, when it’s convenient for you, simply visit one of our more than 4,000 nationwide testing centers and come on in. You do not have to have an appointment, so it’s as simple as finding the right time for you to come in and visit.

Once you arrive, one of our trained technicians will draw your blood and send it off to our certified testing center. It’s that simple! Most of the time, our patients are on their way within just 30 minutes. 

Within 24-72 hours, you’ll have access to your test results through our secure online portal. You can then check your results and decide what you want to do next.

Signs of Low Manganese

You may notice several key signs that may let you know that your manganese levels could be low. Low manganese could lead to poor bone growth, including potential skeletal defects. You may also have fertility problems as a result of low manganese. Furthermore, women may show symptoms like increased menstrual pain and increased PMS symptoms. 

Interpreting the Results of Your Manganese Blood Test

At Priority Lab Testing, we try to make it simple for you to interpret and understand the results of all your tests. You can access the results of your Manganese Blood Test within just a few days of the test via our online portal. Your test results will include three columns. First, the range column will help lay out a range of normal manganese levels, which can provide you with a better idea of what to expect when you take your test. Next, the results column will give you the specific results of your manganese test, which you can then compare to the range column to determine whether you may have low levels of manganese. Finally, the flag column will let you know whether your results are high, normal, or low, based on that typical range. 

Manganese Test vs. Mineral Panel

Sometimes, you or your doctor may suspect that you have an overall vitamin or mineral deficiency, but be unsure exactly what you might be low on based on the symptoms you are showing. A Mineral Panel can give you a better idea of any deficiencies you may have in a wide range of minerals. If you have specific signs that point to a manganese deficiency, you will generally want to have a direct Manganese Blood Test. On the other hand, if you have generalized symptoms, but aren’t sure of exactly what you might be short in, your doctor may recommend a wider Mineral Panel to give you a better idea of any deficiencies you might have in a variety of minerals.


  • While our care counselors can help you interpret the results of your Manganese Blood Test, they cannot provide you with direct medical advice about your next steps. They can, however, help connect you with a physician who can offer you more guidance.

  • Our Manganese Blood Test is highly accurate. You can trust the results to provide you with a clear and accurate view of your manganese levels. 

  • No. The Manganese Blood Test only tests your Manganese levels. If you are interested in other vitamin or mineral levels, you may want to consider the Vitamin Panel or Mineral Panel.