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Lyme Disease Antibodies Test

This Lyme Disease Antibodies Test is designed to identify antibodies in the blood to determine if you are at a risk of contracting lyme disease.

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Test Preparation:
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Blood draw

This Lyme Disease Antibodies Test is designed to identify antibodies in the blood to determine if you are at a risk of contracting lyme disease. Lyme disease is an illness commonly spread by tick bites. If left untreated for a short time, lyme disease can cause fever, rash, aches, as well as more serious conditions including facial paralysis and painful arthritis if left untreated for weeks or months. But, this accurate Lyme Disease Antibodies Test can identify and prevent such problems.

How It Works

Quickly identifying Lyme disease antibodies can be essential. Fortunately, our Lyme disease antibodies test can help you quickly determine whether you are at risk for contracting Lyme disease and allow you to move forward with a comprehensive treatment plan as quickly as possible. Start by adding the test to your cart and checking out. Then, as soon as possible, visit one of our 4,000+ nationwide treatment centers. You don’t have to schedule an appointment; you can just walk right in at a time that’s convenient for you! 

When you arrive, one of our qualified technicians will draw the blood needed for the test. Then, your part is done! You can head out and get on with the rest of your day. We will then send your blood to the testing center, where it will be analyzed to determine whether you have Lyme disease antibodies in your blood. 

Common Lyme Disease Symptoms

Lyme disease can have a number of potential symptoms. You may notice fever, headache, and a rash shortly after being bitten by an infected tick. If Lyme disease goes untreated, it can result in problems with the joints and nervous system, including swelling, arthritis-like symptoms, and pain. You may also notice fever, fatigue, or a general feeling of malaise that lingers over time. You may need a Lyme disease test if you have been bitten by a potentially infected tick, which may be evident by the accompanying rash around the tick bite.

Interpreting the Results

When the results of your Lyme disease antibodies test arrive, we want to make sure you can easily read and interpret them. Your test will contain three columns. In one, you will find the range of results expected for individuals who show signs of Lyme disease antibodies. Next, you will see the results column, which will name the specific results from your test. Finally, you will see a “flag” column that explains your results and gives you a better idea of whether you have Lyme disease antibodies. If you have questions about interpreting your results, you can connect with one of our care counselors to get a better idea of your next steps. 

Lyme Disease Antibody Test vs. Mononucleosis Test

When you have serious or ongoing signs of illness, you may need to rule out several conditions at once. Determining which illness you have may prove critical to treatment. Generally, a Lyme Disease Antibody Test is recommended when you have been bitten by an infected tick, or if you have potentially been exposed to a tick bite, even if you do not remember being bitten or did not have the characteristic rash. A mono test may be more appropriate for people who have not been outside, but who have lingering symptoms of fever, fatigue, and overall malaise.


  • You may need a Lyme Disease Antibody Test if you have any symptoms of Lyme disease, including fever, fatigue, or joint pain. You may have a Lyme disease antibody test soon after a tick bite that shows the characteristic rash, to rule out Lyme disease or ensure that you receive appropriate treatment. In some cases, you may also have a Lyme disease antibody test when symptoms of Lyme disease appear, even if you do not remember signs of a tick bite.

  • After you get your results, our care counselors can help you interpret them. If you need further medical attention, we can help connect you with our physician network for more assistance. 

  • You should have your results within 24-72 hours. Most results are delivered quickly via our secure online portal.