HIV 1/2 Ab/Ag (4th Generation) Test


This HIV 1/2 Ab/Ag test examines your blood for HIV antibodies and P24 antigens to determine if you are at risk. HIV is a highly transmissible disease spread commonly by sexual contact and/or transferring of bodily fluids including blood, semen, vaginal fluid, and breast milk. While there is no cure for HIV or AIDS, advances in medicine have made it possible to treat and live with the disease for much longer than ever before. If it is determined that you do have HIV, your physician will be able to help you determine the proper next steps. Because of the incubation period of HIV antibodies, it is recommended that you take this HIV 1/2 Ab/Ag test between three and four weeks after any potential exposure (unprotected sex, shared needles, etc.).

Testing Method: Blood draw

Test Preparation: None

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