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Comprehensive Health Panel

Our most complete health panel, this Comprehensive Health Panel consists of seven tests designed to give you and your physician a basic idea of how your bodily systems are functioning.

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Test Preparation:
Fasting is required (i.e. no eating or drinking anything besides water for at least 8 hours prior to testing). Morning collection recommended.
Testing Method:
Blood and urine samples

Our most complete health panel, this Comprehensive Health Panel consists of seven tests designed to give you and your physician a comprehensive idea of how your bodily systems are functioning. By measuring a series of components in the blood, you’ll be able to have a better understanding of your general health and know in what areas you might be at a higher risk. From there, your physician will be able to make suggestions to get you back on the path to proper health. This panel includes all of the tests in the Basic and Standard health tests in addition to a routine urinalysis and iron and total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) test.

The Comprehensive Health Panel consists of the following:

How Does Our Comprehensive Health Panel Work?

If you want to check your overall health, the Comprehensive Health Panel can help you get answers and understand how your body functions. For example, purchase our Comprehensive Health Panel online, and you have the freedom to choose when you come in to test. If you are looking for results sooner rather than later, you can come in as soon as possible without waiting for a doctor’s appointment or lab availability. Once you purchase the test, it is up to you when to come into one of our 4000 labs to complete your test.

The Comprehensive Health Panel combines a blood draw and urine test. When you come to the lab, the lab specialist will provide you with a collection container for your urine sample and then draw your blood for each test that comprises the panel. The entire process is quick; you can be out the door in as little as 30 minutes. After you complete your test, you can await the results, which you will receive in 24-72 hours. Keep in mind that this panel does require you to fast beforehand. An eight-hour fast of no drinking or eating except water is necessary to get accurate results.

Why Should You Consider a Comprehensive Health Panel?

For the most complete testing and the best picture of your overall health status, a Comprehensive Health Panel covers all of the basic health tests1 that measure your body’s condition and internal functions. In addition, this panel looks into the most common markers that can indicate health problems developing or risks that you may have for certain disorders or medical conditions. With the results of this test, your healthcare provider can guide you to recommended treatment or lifestyle changes to help you improve your health.

What Tests Does a Comprehensive Health Panel Include?

The Comprehensive Health Panel is a combination of seven basic health tests.

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) – The CMP measures the functions of many of your vital organ and body processes, including fluid balance, electrolytes, glucose levels, kidney function and liver function.
  • Hemoglobin A1c – This is a key glucose test from a blood sample used to measure your blood sugar over the past weeks. This test is vital for diagnosing and monitoring Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
  • Lipids and Cholesterol – Your triglycerides and cholesterol levels are essential to managing your heart health. This blood test measures each of these factors and distinguishes between good and bad cholesterol.
  • Complete Blood Count – This measures various aspects and properties of your blood which can vie insight to your doctor about specific conditions and your general health.
  • Thyroid Panel with TSH – Your thyroid function and how much or how little thyroid hormone it produces can affect your body and cause many symptoms. This blood test measures the hormones and function of your thyroid.
  • Routine Urinalysis – The urine analysis can indicate the presence of infection or other conditions related to your kidneys and their function.
  • Total Iron-Binding Capacity – This blood test can reveal your iron levels. If your iron levels are too high or too low, the doctor can review the results to pinpoint what might be the cause and how to treat or manage it.

How to Interpret Your Comprehensive Health Panel Results?

Rather than waiting a week or more for a doctor to review your results and then give you a call, with Priority Lab Testing, you will receive a detailed lab report within 24-72 hours following your Comprehensive Health Panel. Your report will detail each test and provide your results and reference ranges for each component. If any results are outside the test’s norm, your results will be flagged as abnormal.

Comprehensive Health Panel versus Standard Health Panel

The Comprehensive Health Panel is a step up and differs from the Standard Health Panel in adding a urinalysis and total iron binding test.


  • Individuals interested in covering as many of these essential health tests as possible should consider the Comprehensive Health Panel.

  • The results of a Comprehensive Health Panel can provide you and your doctor with valuable information about how your body and organs are functioning.

  • If you receive any unexpected abnormal results or if you are experiencing any symptoms that give you concern even with normal results, you should follow up with your doctor to discuss your health.

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