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Basic Men’s Health Panel

The Basic Men’s Health Panel is comprised of eight tests used to assess general health and wellness in men by evaluating potential risks for heart disease, diabetes, thyroid health, and other common areas of concern all in one fast and convenient visit.

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Test Preparation:
Fasting is required (i.e. no eating or drinking anything besides water for eight hours prior to testing). Those taking a biotin supplement should refrain from doing so for 48 hours prior to testing.
Testing Method:
Blood and urine sample

The Basic Men's Health Panel is comprised of eight tests used to assess general health and wellness in men by evaluating potential risks for heart disease, diabetes, thyroid health, and other common areas of concern all in one fast and convenient visit.

This Basic Men's Health Panel tests for the following:

How Our Basic Men’s Health Panel Works

Our basic men’s health panel takes a look at how your body is functioning overall. First, in order to acquire your basic men’s health panel tests, you’ll need to add it to your cart and check out. Then, you can come into one of the more than 4,000 testing facilities we have across the nation for your tests when you’re ready. You don’t need to worry about scheduling an appointment; instead, you can just come in when it’s convenient for you. 

Once you arrive, you’ll need to give both a blood and a urine sample. One of our qualified technicians will provide you with a sample cup for your urine test, then take a sample of your blood. Then, you’re done! In most cases, our patients are able to finish their testing within about thirty minutes or less. With your tests in hand, we can send them off for processing in our CLIA-certified laboratory. Within as little as 72 hours, you’ll have results that can tell you how your thyroid and liver are functioning, what your lipid and cholesterol levels look like, and more. 

When Do You Need a Basic Men’s Health Panel?

A basic men’s health panel is a great option for checking up on your overall health. Sometimes, you may notice that you feel lethargic and tired. Your body doesn’t seem to be functioning as well as it used to. In other cases, you may just feel “off.” Still other times, you want to monitor your regular health and wellness in order to ensure that you can quickly catch any changes or problems with your body. The basic men’s health panel delivers on all of the above. You can conduct these tests annually to keep an eye on those changing levels, and follow up with your doctor any time you notice continuing problems. 

How to Interpret Your Results

Once your results arrive, you can check out those results and get a better idea of whether your numbers are in the normal range. For each test, your results will be divided into three clear columns. First, you’ll have a column that provides the normal range: a specific look at what you should expect from that test. Next, you’ll have a column that provides you with a clear, quantifiable result in those key areas. Finally, the last column will provide you with information about whether your results are normal or if the test has flagged any sort of problem that you may need to address with your doctor. 

Basic Men’s Health Panel vs. Comprehensive Men’s Health Panel

The basic men’s health panel offers a basic overview of your overall health: your cholesterol and lipid levels, your blood count, your liver function, and more. It can help you answer basic questions about whether you may have any problems with thyroid function or if you have any signs of protein in your urine. 

A comprehensive men’s health panel, on the other hand, takes a deeper look at your overall health and wellness. In addition to checking all of the same things outlined in the men’s basic health panel, it includes a test for specific vitamin levels, testosterone levels, and more. You may want to conduct the comprehensive men’s health panel if you have in-depth questions about specific vitamin levels or if you’re interested in testosterone testing. Furthermore, you may want to choose the comprehensive men’s health panel if a basic health panel has uncovered potential problems, or if you want to make sure that you have taken care of all the details of your health in your testing. 


  • If you’re planning to have a men’s basic health panel done, you will need to fast for at least eight hours prior to the procedure. That means you may want to plan to come in early in the day to take care of your testing, since you should not have any food or water.

  • Many of the tests included in the men’s basic health panel are highly sensitive, which means that they can reliably offer a highly accurate result. At Priority Lab Testing, we strive to offer our clients reliable, trustworthy tests.

  • At Priority Labs, we can help put you in contact with our care counselors, who can provide you with insights into what your test results actually mean. We can also connect you with a physician near you if you require additional assistance or procedures.