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Avocado Allergy Test

This Avocado Allergy Test uses a blood sample to determine whether or not you are allergic to avocados.

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Blood draw

This Avocado Allergy Test uses a blood sample to determine whether or not you are allergic to avocados. There are two types of avocado allergies: oral avocado allergies and latex avocado allergies. As avocados and latex have similar proteins, those with latex allergies may also be susceptible to similar symptoms by coming in contact with an avocado (even if it isn’t eaten). Those with avocado allergies are prone to itching, swelling, hives, and difficulty breathing. In many cases, those with avocado allergies can be allergic to other fruits as well. For this reason, we suggest covering multiple bases at once (and saving money) with a multi-panel fruit allergy test. To identify a specific avocado allergy, order the Priority Lab Testing Avocado Allergy Test today.

How Our Avocado Allergy Test Works

Priority Lab Testing makes getting your Avocado Allergy Test easy. Simply place your order online and head over to one of our over 4000 nationwide testing facilities. No appointment is ever required. Once there, one of our testing team members will perform a quick skin prick to collect a small blood sample. The whole sample collection process takes only minutes and you should be in and out in less than 30 minutes. The physician-reviewed lab results are processed and ready for viewing online at your convenience within 24-72 hours.

Common Avocado Allergy Symptoms

Avocado allergy symptoms vary in seriousness depending on which type of avocado allergy you have. Those with oral avocado allergy may experience a scratchy throat or itchy lips and mouth. This type of avocado allergy is often related to birch tree pollen allergy as a result of cross-reactivity. Latex avocado allergy symptoms are often more severe and might also include stomach discomfort and hives. People who are allergic to latex can be allergy-sensitive to other fruit and nuts as well. It is a condition referred to as latex-fruit syndrome affecting 35-50% of those who are allergic to latex.

How to Interpret Your Results

Priority Lab Testing strives to make sure interpreting your lab results is a breeze. Our Avocado Allergy Test uses an immunoglobulin-E (IgE) blood test to test for antibodies and measure and determine how your body reacts to foreign substances.

Test results are available online and accessed through your own personalized secure login. There you will find easy-to-follow columns labeled ‘results’, ‘flag’, and ‘reference range’. Under the ‘result’ column is a numerical value outlining your sensitivity to the particular allergen. The ‘reference range’ column indicates what your threshold is for an allergic reaction to avocados. You will find the results of your avocado allergy test under the ‘flag’ column. It will be listed as either normal and non-reactive or abnormal and reactive. An abnormal/reactive result means you are allergic to avocados.

The test will also specify which type of avocado allergy you have. It is recommended that you get a multi-panel fruit allergy test since those with latex allergies might also have allergy sensitivity to bananas, kiwis, and various nuts. Sample Test Results are available on our website if you want to learn more about how to interpret your results.

Avocado Allergy Test vs. Berry Fruit Allergy Panel

The Avocado Allergy Test is ideal for individuals who are confident their symptoms are the result of avocado intolerance. Since several fruit allergies have similar symptoms, it is smart to consider taking the more comprehensive Berry Fruit Allergy Panel. It provides a broader insight into potential allergy reactions including blueberries and raspberries as well as avocados. Both tests provide the information you need to determine whether you are allergic to avocados or not.


  • An allergic reaction is your body’s immune system response to substances (allergens) that wouldn’t otherwise pose a threat. Allergic reactions vary in severity from person to person and can include itching, sneezing, and difficulty breathing. Allergic reactions can be caused by inhaling, eating, or touching the allergen.

  • Anyone who experiences allergy symptoms soon after eating an avocado should be tested. The test is designed to provide a definitive answer to whether the consumption of avocados is causing oral or latex avocado allergy reactions.

  • All of the tests at Priority Lab Testing are FDA-approved and take place in CLIA-certified laboratories. We are known for providing clear and comprehensive results you can rely on.

  • Our care counselors are always available to offer personalized recommendations and additional directions as needed. We are happy to put you in touch with a local physician if further assistance or prescription medication is required.